December 27 – Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Happy Cut-Out Snowflakes Day!

We’re not getting any snow anytime soon, I guess we’ll be cutting out our snowflakes if we want to see any.


Robert’s Snowflakes compiled by Grace Lin and Robert Mercer (2005)

This beautiful book combines well-known children’s artists and authors to create individually unique snowflakes and haikus to help combat cancer. All the proceeds of this book go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


Toby and the Snowflakes written by Julie Halpern and illustrated by Matthew Cordell (2004)

Toby goes to the mailbox looking for a letter from his best friend who just moved away. He didn’t find a letter, but he did find some friends…. snowflakes. As each flake fell, it introduced himself to Toby. They played together and built a snowman. Soon the snowman began to melt away. The snowflakes explained that they were only here to stay for a short while. Just as Toby worries that no one will be his friend, he hears a new voice behind him… a boy named Gary who wants to be his friend.

 1416096Winter is for Snowflakes written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Denise Fraifeld (2003)

This fun-filled rhyming book tells about all the reasons this little boy loves winter. He tells about sledding, building a snowman, making snow angels, and catching snowflakes on his tongue.


My Brother Loved Snowflakes written by Mary Bahr and illustrated by Laura Jacobsen (2002)

This is the story of Wilson Bentley, the snowflake man. When Willie was a boy, he had a fascination for snowflakes. He looked at them in his microscope and drew pictures of what he saw. Later he learned how to photograph snowflakes under the microscope. As an adult, Bentley wrote and spoke about the snowflakes he saw. He became famous for his work and was known far and wide as the Snowflake Man.

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