December 30 – Bacon Day

Happy Bacon Day!


Don’t Forget the Bacon! written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins (1976)

The reader goes along with the boy on a trip to the market with the list of things his mother has told him to purchase. Along the way he repeats the list over and over so he won’t forget it. But the longer he walks the more mixed up his list becomes as he get distracted by passing people and creatures. Eventually, he does pick up the correct items, but he forgets one thing… the bacon! And back he goes to the market.

But if you’d rather read about a pig instead of the bacon, try one of these.


Pig and Small written and illustrated by Alex Latimer (2014)

Read the full review HERE.


You’re a Rude Pig, Bertie! written and illustrated by Claudia Boldt (2013)

Bertie was rude to everyone he met, everyone except Ruby the rabbit. When Bertie met Ruby he loved her long ears. They were extraordinarily beautiful. Bertie decided to impress her by having a huge party for her. He invited everyone he knew, but nobody came, not even Ruby. She didn’t like that he had insulted all of her friends. So Bertie did the only thing he could think of…. he wrote apology letters to everyone. Everyone forgave him, and the next time he threw a party everyone came, even Ruby!

24184Some Pig! written by E.B. White and illustrated by Maggie Kneen (2006)

This picture book is a vignette taken from E.B. White’s award winning Charlotte’s Web. It’s the story of how Fern took care of Wilbur until he was too big to live in her house or in her yard. Fern sold Wilbur to her Uncle Homer who lived just down the road. Now Fern can go visit Wilbur every day.


Pippin the Christmas Pig written by Jean Little and illustrated by Werner Zimmermann (2003)

Pippin the Pig was upset. All the other farm animals had great-great-grandparents who gave gifts to the baby on the first Christmas, but Pippin didn’t have any great-great grandparents who took part in Christmas. Pippin didn’t even know what Christmas was all about. So Pippin left the barn and walked through a snow storm. Along the way, Pippin found a woman walking alone with a little baby. He knew they needed to find a warm place to stay until the storm passed. Pippin led them back to the barn where he organized all the other animals into providing everything the baby needed that night. Pippin still didn’t have a gift to give himself, but  he had taught everyone about the joy of giving.

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