December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Happy New Year! written and illustrated by Amy Ackelsberg (2014)

Stawberry Shortcake plans an end of the year party for her friends. Everyone is very excited about the party, except Blueberry Muffin. She’s worried that she might fall asleep before midnight and her friends will make fun of her. Then Blueberry Muffin had an idea, she would practice staying up later every night so that by New Year’s Eve she wouldn’t fall asleep. But on the first try, she stayed up late reading and playing games and then overslept the next morning. The next night she tried a new gadget, but it broke before she could use it. So she had to just take her chances at the party. When she arrived, Blueberry Muffin was happy to see that Strawberry Shortcake had arranged to have sleeping bags and pillows available for all her friends, because she knew how hard it was going to be to stay awake until midnight.

Don’t limit yourself to a New Year’s Eve party… try one of these too!


Giant Dance Party written by Betsy Bird and illustrated by Brandon Dorman (2013)

Lexy announced to her parents that she was going to quit dancing. Lexy loved to dance. She lived for dancing. But Lexy had stage fright. She hated recitals so she decided to quit dancing. But then, Lexy had another idea, she would become a dance teacher instead. That way she could dance all day long and never have to get on stage. So Lexy made signs and put them up all over the neighborhood. A whole week passed and nobody wanted to take lessons. Finally, a group of giants showed up at her door and asked for dance lessons. Lexy taught them everything they needed to know. But when the day of the big recital came, the giants froze like blue furry popsicles. Lexy did what she had to do, she got up on stage and danced. The giants watched her until they weren’t afraid any more. Then the giants had a giant dance party with Lexy as their leader.


Caterina and the Perfect Party written and illustrated by Erin Eitter Kono (2013)

Caterina is a little brown bird with big plans for the best party ever. She loves lists. She makes lists of friends to invite, decorations and appetizers. Everything is planned perfectly, but on the morning of the party it begins to rain and ruins all of Caterina’s plans. Luckily for Caterina, her list of friends still show up and surprise her with delicious food and drinks. It turned out to be the best party anyone had ever seen, even better than she could have planned.


Guinea Pig Party written and illustrated by Holly Surplice (2012)

10…9…8…7… This counting backwards book is sure to delight. The guinea pig party begins with 10 guinea pigs dancing in a line, but when one gets bumped off the back there are only 9. One by one the guinea pigs disappear until there is only 1 left. He makes a wish and all 10 guinea pigs are back again.


P. Bear’s New Year’s Party written and illustrated by Paul Owen Lewis (1990)

This is a beautiful black and white counting book. P. Bear sends out invitations to all his best dressed friends. They begin arriving one hour at a time beginning with a whale at one o’clock, a couple of horses at two o’clock, and a few dairy cows at three o’clock. Each hour brings more and more friends until at last a dozen penguins arrive at twelve o’clock and the party begins.

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