February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 16109187Crankenstein written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat (2013)

Crankenstein hates Valentine’s Day! He hates the heart covered underwear, the heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the hairy coconut filled chocolates, and participating in the Valentine’s Day play at school. The only bright side of the whole day, is finding someone else who feels exactly the same way!


Mouse and Mole: Secret Valentine written and illustrated by Wong Herbert Yee (2013)

Mouse secretly liked Mole. Mole secretly liked Mouse. Together they made valentines for all of their other friends and went out to deliver them. Mole ran back home for his hat. Along the way, Mouse started noticing little clues from her Secret Valentine. She looked and looked but could not find out who her Secret Valentine was, until she finally went to the Valentine’s Day dance and found Mole!


The Valentine Bears written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Jan Brett (1985)

This Valentine’s Day classic still warms my heart. Mr. and Mrs. Bear go to sleep for the winter with plans to get up in the spring. But Mrs. Bear sets her alarm clock early and wakes up on February 14th.  She wakes up eager to celebrate. She makes a sign to post over Mr. Bear’s head. Then she goes outside and digs up the honey pot she buried last fall. Back in their den, Mrs. Bear sets out a bowl of dried bugs and finds the valentines she made last summer. Finally, she goes to wake Mr. Bear (not an easy job) and is surprised that he is awake and has a valentine for her too. They share their gifts and go back to sleep until spring!

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