February 15 – Hippo Day

Happy Hippo Day!


Hippo Says “Excuse Me” written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Oriol Vidal (2012)

Baby Hippo and his Mama go out on the town. They hurry to the bus stop and Hippo says, “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!” as he and Mama bump and pushe the other animals aside to make room for themselves. He says, “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!” as he and Mama walk down the sidewalk knocking other animals aside. He says, “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!” as he and Mama squeeze into the crowded elevator. And when a tiny chick asks to get on the elevator, the other animals all say “No room! No room! No room!” But Hippo says, “Excuse me. There’s always room for one more!” And the tiny chick hops on top of Baby Hippo’s head and rides in the elevator.


Hippo Goes Bananas! written by Marjorie Dennis Murray and illustrated by Kevin O’Malley (2006)

Hippo wakes up one morning with a terrible toothache. Cuckoo Bird heard him moaning and spinning in circles. And Cuckoo Bird thinks Hippo is going bananas. He hurries to warn the other animals. He told Monkey that Hippo was knocking down every tee in the jungle. They told Leopard that Hippo was knocking down every tree and kicking them off the cliff. Then they ran to tell Giraffe that Hippo was knocking down trees and throwing them over the cliff into the river. The story increases in length and absurdity until all the animals rush to find Hippo. Everyone is worried because Hippo has turned pink and they think he has skeeter fever. So they push and shove until Hippo falls over the cliff and into the water to cool off. On the way down, Hippo loses his tooth and his toothache… but he gets a headache instead!


The Hippo-not-amus written by Tony and Jan Payne and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees (2003)

Portly was a hippo who was bored with being a hippo. He didn’t want to spend his life up to his nose in water eating grass all day long. So he decided he’d be something else. Portly first tried to be a hippo-noceros and tied wooden horns to his head. Then he added banana claws so he could be a hippo-bat-onoceros. Big leaves and a vine turned him into a hippo-ele-bat-onoceros. And stilts helped him be a hippo-fir-ele-bat-onoceros. But all the time, Portly was trying to be something he was not, he was as hungry as a hippo and longed to soak in a cool place. So he returned home to the river where his parents were eating dinner. And Portly slid easily into the water and ate the most delicious grass… and wondered what it would be like to swing through the trees by his tail.

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