February 16 – Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Happy Do a Grouch a Favor Day!

Is there a grouch in your life? Do that little grouch a great big favor and share some of these grouchy stories together!

Going back 37 years, the classic….


The Grouchy Ladybug written and illustrated by Eric Carle (1977)

The grouchy ladybug goes through her day, hour by hour, being mean and rude to all the other animals. She started with another very friendly ladybug who wanted to share the aphids for breakfast. The grouchy ladybug flew away and soon came upon a yellow jacket, then a stag beetle, a praying mantis, a sparrow, a lobster, a skunk, a boa constrictor, a hyena, a gorilla, a rhinoceros, an elephant, and eventually a whale. Each time she picked a fight, she left saying they weren’t big enough to fight her. But when the whale didn’t answer her she flew back to his flippers, fin, and then his tail. The whale’s tail slapped the ladybug through the air and across the land, where it landed on the same plant it started out that morning. The friendly ladybug was still there eating aphids and offered to share what was left with the grouchy ladybug. This time the grouchy ladybug stayed to eat dinner and soon the two ladybugs went to sleep under the leaf.


Happy Grouchy Day written by Suzanne Weyn and illustrated by John Lund (1999)

Elmo learns how things are different in Grouchland. Little Grizzly was in trouble for being nice at school. Elmo doesn’t understand. Oscar the Grouch explains that in Grouchland, little grouches do not hold open doors for their teachers, they don’t clean up after themselves in the lunch room, and they’re never polite. Oscar teaches Grizzly how to be a better Grouch. She’s so excited, she wishes Elmo a grouchy day. Elmo says ‘thank you’ but then reminds her if she ever comes to Sesame Street she is supposed to wish everyone a nice day.

Other Oscar the Grouch books are:

And one grumpy book for a grouchy day…


Grumpy Gloria written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney (2006)

Gloria was feeling left out when a new doll comes into the house. The youngest child plays with the doll while the two older children try to coax Gloria into a good mood. They try giving her a treat, but the dolly is getting a treat too. They try brushing her, but the dolly is getting brushed too. They try giving her a bath, but the dolly is getting a bath too. So Gloria stays grumpy. And just when the two older children decide to give up making her happy, the youngest child puts her in the stroller with her dolly and Gloria isn’t grumpy any more!

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