February 18 – My Way Day

Happy My Way Day!

Sinatra sang about doing things MY WAY. Apparently, he’s not the only one who likes things done his way. Celebrate today by doing things your way. If you need more ideas to share with your child, look at some of these picture books.


Yoko Finds Her Way written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells (2013)

Yoko and her Mama are taking a trip to Japan. Yoko has to help her Mama read the signs to the right airport and Gate 54. While they wait, Mama takes a nap and Yoko goes to the restroom by herself. But when she comes out, she goes through the wrong door and ends up in another airline. She follows the signs to the airport police who take her back to Gate 54. But now Mama is missing! Mama went to look for Yoko and got lost. She couldn’t read the signs and had to ask for help. Finally, Mama returned to Gate 54 where Yoko was waiting for her. Now they could go to Japan.


Little Blue Truck Leads the Way written by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Jill McElmurry (2009)

Little Blue takes a trip to the city. Everyone there is in a big hurry. Rude shouts and horns from all the bigger cars and trucks try to push their way through the city faster and faster. Little Blue blocks the intersection and appeals to everyone to take turns and go one at a time so that everyone can get through. The big limo was first, but the engine stopped. So the mayor got out and stood on Little Blue to make a speech. Everyone cheered and Little Blue led the cars and trucks down the road. There was a marching band and soon the parade of cars made it through the city with Little Blue in the lead.


Mr. Lincoln’s Way written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco (2001)

Mean Gene was the school bully. He sassed the teachers and teased the students. He used mean words and didn’t seem to like anybody. Then one day, the principal, Mr. Lincoln noticed that Gene was watching the birds in the courtyard. Together, they learned how to attract more birds by planting new trees and leaving different kinds of seeds for them to eat. Soon the courtyard was full of many types of birds. Mr. Lincoln used the birds as a lesson for Gene about accepting the differences among people who were not like him. By the end of the year, a pair of mallard ducks had made a nest in the courtyard and had several babies. Gene and Mr. Lincoln knew the ducklings would not be able to fly over the building to the pond outside. So one day they opened the door to the courtyard and led the ducklings through the school to the back door where they could get to the water.  Gene learned to accept people for who they were, and eventually became a principal himself. And he calls his students his little birds.

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