February 25 – For Pete’s Sake Day

Happy For Pete’s Sake Day!


Pete the Sheep-Sheep written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley (2005)

While all the other sheep shearers  have sheep dogs, Shaun has a sheep-sheep. The sheep dogs have trouble rounding up all the sheep, but the sheep sheep simply says ‘baaaa’ and the sheep follow him to Shawn for their haircuts. The other shears cry foul, but Shaun and his sheep-sheep keep working and make all the sheep look super spiffy. Shaun opens up his own salon for sheep but ends up shearing the sheep dogs as well. Now all the shearers have joined in and all types of animals are lining up to get their new do’s at the sheep salon.


Pirate Pete Sets Sail written by Jean-Pierre Jaggi and illustrated by Alan Clarke (2003)

Pirate Pete and his crew pack all their belongings and move to a new place. Pirate Pete meets the Pirate Queen who shows him all her treasures. And Pete knows he will stay and like this place.

95794What Pete Ate from A-Z written and illustrated by Maira Kalman (2001)

Funny alphabet book about all the things that Pete, the dog, has eaten. Apparently Pete will eat just about anything… except his dog food!

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