February 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Happy Fairy Tale Day!

 14447302The Great Fairy Tale Disaster written by David Conway and illustrated by Melanie Williamson (2012)

The big bad wolf is sick and tired of being in the three little pigs story where he gets boiled in water at the end of each reading. So he decides to find a new fairy tale to make his own. He tries the three bears, but they scare him away. Cinderella’s fairy godmother puts him in a dress and glass slippers… no way! Prince Charming kisses him while he’s sleeping. The giant at the of Jack’s beanstalk scares him too. None of them seem right. He tries lots more, everyone gets mixed up, and the big bad wolf ends up in his own fairy tale with the three little pigs.


Arthur’s Tractor: A Fairy Tale with Mechanical Parts written by Pippa Goodhart and illustrated by Colin Paine (2003)

Arthur was working in his fields one day when his tractor seemed to make some unusual noises. First it was EEEK, then THUD THUD THUD, and finally CRASH. But what Arthur didn’t realize is that it wasn’t his tractor at all, it was a princess running from a dragon, a knight riding his horse to rescue her, and then the dragon knocking the knight off his horse. Each time he heard a noise, Arthur got off his tractor and worked on the engine. Finally, he notices the trio in the field and gets their help to fix his engine. The knight loans Arthur his sword, the dragon blows fire like a torch on the metal pieces, and the princess gives him her scarf to clean his hands when he’s finished. Now the tractor seems to be working fine, and the princess seems to have fallen for Arthur… go figure!


Little Grunt and the Big Egg: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale written and illustrated by Tomie de Paola (1990)

Little Grunt found a huge egg, large enough to feed himself, his whole family, and his neighbors. But the next morning the egg had hatched and a tiny dinosaur sat in its place. Little Grunt convinced his family to let him keep the dinosaur for a pet. Little Grunt named him George. But George was not housebroken. And he ate too much. And he grew so large there was no more room in the cave for George’s family. So Little Grunt had to take George back to where he found the egg and say good-bye. Then one day Little Grunt’s family heard a huge rumble. It was a volcano and they were all in danger. Just then George returned and gave them all a ride to safety. Little Grunt and his family stayed and made their new home near Geroge. Then Little Grunt saw that George had a nest full of eggs. George, became Georgina, and they all lived happily ever after.

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