February 28 – Tooth Fairy Day

Happy Tooth Fairy Day!


You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? written by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt and illustrated by David Slonim (2007)

The Tooth Fairy does NOT dress up in a tutu or glass slippers. She does not have elves or reindeer helping her out. She’s tough, smart, and athletic. And she has a few rules she wants you to follow… clean off the blood and spit, leave the tooth under the right-hand corner of your pillow, and be sure to sleep soundly. There are dangers, but she loves her job… and your pearly whites!

 CCF09132010_00155Nice Try, Tooth Fairy written by Mary W. Olson and illustrated by Katherine Tillotson (2000)

Emma left her tooth for the tooth fairy, but the next day she wants it back so she can show it to her grandfather. So Emma writes the tooth fairy a letter, but the tooth fairy leaves the wrong tooth. Emma continues to write letters, and the tooth fairy keeps leaving the wrong teeth, elephant tusks, skunk tooth, alligator tooth and more. Finally, the tooth fairy finds Emma’s tooth. Grandfather likes her tooth and Emma returns it to the tooth fairy with a note saying her other front tooth is now loose.

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