February 4 – Thank a Mailman Day

Happy Mailman Day!


Mule Train Mail written and illustrated by Craig Brown (2009)

Anthony, the postman delivers mail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He meets a mail truck at the top of the ridge and packs everything into the saddlebags on his mules. Then he leads the mules down the long, narrow path to the floor of the Grand Canyon. After stopping for a quick drink from Havasu Creek, the mules continue on to Supai, a village tucked away in a lush valley. The villagers come out to collect their packages, then Anthony and his wife and his five sons hurry home.

1887093Millie Waits for the Mail written and illustrated by Alexander Steffensmeier (2006)

Millie’s favorite time of the day was when the mailman came. Millie loved to find new hiding places every day and scaring the mailman away. She Mmmoooed and chased him down the road. The farmer didn’t share Millie’s idea of fun; all her packages arrived broken. And the mailman didn’t think it was fun either; he had terrible nightmares. Then the mailman had an idea. He wrapped up a package for Millie and tried to deliver it to the farm, but Millie chased him off. The farmer, who had had enough of this, chased after Millie in her tractor. In the chase, the mailman dropped the package and the farmer ran it over with her tractor. Now, Millie didn’t have a package and the mailman’s bicycle was ruined. But Millie changed her ways. Now whenever the mailman came to the farm, Millie helped him deliver the mail!


Bunny Mail written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells (2004)

Ruby writes letters to all her dollies and Grandma inviting them to a 4th of July picnic. Max writes a letter to Santa asking for a bright red sand-spitter motorcycle with bigfoot tires. Rudy tells him Santa is on vacation. But Max sends it anyway. The mailman accidentally sends Max’s letter with Ruby’s to Grandma’s house. Grandma doesn’t understand what the tire tracks or the red paint on the letter mean. Finally Grandma understands what Max is trying to say, so she writes a letter to Santa for him. During the 4th of July picnic, the mailman brings Max a special delivery from Santa… a bright red sand-spitter motorcycle with bigfoot tires!

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