February 6 – Lame Duck Day

Happy Lame Duck Day!

Politically speaking a Lame Duck is a politician in the last few months of their office. Maybe, we could work together to elect Duck for President. Then he’ll really be a lame duck in February.


Duck for President written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin (2004)


How’s about some other non-political duckie picture books?


Quack Like a Duck! written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Simms Taback (2011)

Toddlers will have fun making animal sounds with this interactive book. The barn sure is a noisy place today!


Sitting Duck written and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic (2010)

How much trouble can one puppy be? Uncle Brody, Uncle Max, and Uncle Dov find out when they agree to babysit for Anabel. They play dress up and make silly faces and pretend to cook. But when Anabel wants to play ball in the house, Uncle Brody announces it’s nap time and Uncle Dov decides to leave. Uncle Brody fell asleep while reading a story. Anabel didn’t. She convinces Uncle Max to take her outside to play. Uncle Max takes his camera and gets pictures of Anabel in the tire swing, in the wading pool, and on the trampoline. Uncle Max is having a great time photographing Anabel, until he realizes she’s gone. Anabel bounced so high on the trampoline that she got stuck in a tree. Uncle Max runs inside for help. Together Uncle Max and Uncle Brody finally get Anabel out of the tree. And Irene returned home to find a huge mess!


Duck written and illustrated by Randy Cecil (2008)

Duck was made of wood. He went up and down and around and around on the carousel, but he couldn’t fly. Every night he dreamed of flying. One day, Duck found a little lost duckling. He took care of Duckling and Duckling grew bigger and bigger. Duckling could do many things, but he couldn’t fly. So Duck decided to teach him everything he had learned from watching the other ducks. Duckling almost made it, but not quite. So Duck took him to the pond where the other ducks lived so he could learn from them. Duckling did learn how to fly and flew away that winter. Duck was so lonely with out Duckling. But the next spring Duckling returned and he took Duck for a ride in the sky. Finally Duck knew what it felt like to fly.


Duck Skates written by Lynne Berry and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata (2005)

Five little ducks went out to play on a snowy winter morning. They wiggle and wobble, giggle and topple. They skate, they crash, they throw and cheer. They swish and go round. They skate in a line. They flop uphill, they tramp and trudge. They slip and slide, and stomp and tromp. And when they get back home, they rub down their feathers and sit down to eat. Then the five little ducks cuddle up on the hearth rug and go to sleep.

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