February 7 – Bubblegum Day

Happy Bubblegum Day!


The Bubble Gum Kid written by Stu Smith and illustrated by Julia Woolf (2006)

This is the story of The Bubble Gum Kid, who loved to chew gum. He chewed day and night but the bubble gum kid could not blow bubbles. He was tired of being teased, so he took gum blowing lessons from his sister. He got so good, he could blow bubble gum animals and he could even blow one bubble inside another. But one day he blew a bubble so big, a little breeze picked him up and blew him away. He floated so high that kites and birds and planes got stuck in his bubble. The only person with a plan was the bully, Double Chin Dan. Dan aimed his slingshot and popped that bubble all over the schoolyard creating a huge mess. Dan was forced to clean up the mess… and the bubble gum kid – he got braces on his teeth!


Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith (2004)

The story starts with ‘bubble gum, bubble gum.. chewy-gooey bubble gum’ melting in the middle of the road. First a fine, fat, toad gets stuck in the bubble gum. Then a bad mood shrew gets stuck. And a whide, white goose gets stuck too. But that’s not all… a buzz-buzz bee gets stuck, and an old weathered crow gets stuck too. Just when you think nothing else can get stuck, along comes a big, blue truck. The only escape is to chew the bubble gum off their feet and feathers and wings. So they chew, and chew, and chew until they have enough to blow a huge bubble which lifts them into the air and away from that truck. But their troubles aren’t over yet… a big bottomed bear comes along and opens his big wet mouth wide. He pops the bubble and lucky for them, he gets stuck and they are all free.

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