February 8 – Kite Flying Day

Happy Kite Flying Day!


Just a Kite written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer (March, 2014)

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter will be flying high next month in an I Can Read series book. Join Little Critter as he learns how to fly a kite with his Grandpa in the Kite Flying Contest.


Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story written and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand (2012)

Bear sniffs the air and jumps up and down in excitement. It’s kite day! He and Mole work together to build a kite. The fly their kite high in the sky until it starts to storm. The kite string breaks and they lose their kite. Oh no! They run to find it. When they do find it, they see that their kite is protecting a nest of baby birds from the rain. The mother bird thanks them. Bear and Mole go home without their kite.

1241996The Kite Festival written and illustrated by Leyla Torres (2004)

The Florez family took a drive one Sunday to a park for a picnic. They packed their lunch and drove away. Once there, they saw that there was a kite festival going on. But they had not brought a kite. Grandpa Felix helped Fenando make a kite with three bamboo sticks he bought at the vender’s stand. They decorated the map they had used to get there for the paper, paper napkins tied in bows and the string from baby Flora’s toy for the tail. They flew their kite all afternoon. At the end of the day, the Florez family won a prize for the most original kite. They packed up their things to go home with the promise of returning to the kite festival the following year.

190666Kite Flying written and illustrated by Grace Lin (2002)

The wind is blowing and it’s the perfect day to fly a kite. Everyone in the family helps to make a dragon kite. With whiskers, dragon eyes, a smiling mouth, and a noise maker, the kite is ready. They take it to the top of a hill and fly it high with all the other kites. The dragon kite is talking to the wind!

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