January 11 – Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Happy Puddle Day!


The Deep, Deep, Puddle written by Mary Jessie Parker and illustrated by Deborah Zemke (2013)

This fun and zany counting book enumerates all the things that disappear into the deep, deep puddle on a busy city street. It all starts with one wet, shaggy dog, two stay cats, and three curious squirrels who sink Glub, Glub, Glub out of sight. It takes ten police officers, eleven tanker trucks, and twelve workers with long hoses to drain the puddle. Schlurp, Schlurp, Schlurp! Counting backwards everyone escapes the deep, deep puddle, leaving only one very wet, shaggy dog who shakes and shakes and shakes until there is a new deep, deep puddle in the middle of the city street again.


Puddle Jumping, A Book About Bravery written by Emma Quay and illustrated by Anna Walker (2011)

Panda, Owl, and Sheep find a puddle. Panda jumps over it, but Sheep is afraid she’ll fall and hurt her bottom. Owl jumps over too, but Sheep is still afraid she’ll fall and hurt her bottom. Finally Panda and Owl convince Sheep to jump. She does. And they watch as she falls on her bottom… but it doesn’t hurt. So they all jump and fall into the puddle.


The Puddle written and illustrated by David McPhail (1998)

The boy asks his mother if he can take his boat outside to sail in the puddles. She warned him not to jump in the puddles himself. The boy finds the biggest puddle around and sets his boat in to sail. But then a frog comes along and jumps in his boat. A turtle asks him for tea, and an alligator offers to get his boat back. A pig jumps into the puddle and an elephant drinks all the water and squirts it back at the animals. Finally the sun comes out and dries up the puddle so the boy and the animals go back home. When he gets home, the boy’s mother has a warm bath ready for him… so he sails his boat in the tub.

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