January 13 – Rubber Duckie Day

Happy Rubber Duckie Day!

If you’re a fan of Bert and Ernie, you’ve certainly heard Ernie sing to his rubber duckie on more than one occasion.

 13642609Hey, Duck! written and illustrated y Carin Bramsen (2013)

Duck believes that Cat is really a Duck. He continually asks him to play duck games, but Cat reminds him that he is a cat not a duck. Duck finally goes off to play alone and Cat realizes that he misses him. Now Cat wonders if he really is a duck after all. So he goes in search of Duck. What he finds is that he is a cat and cats don’t like water, but Cat and Duck can still be friends.


Quick Duck! written and illustrated by Mary Murphy (2012)

Little Duck has to be quick. Someone is calling him. Out of the mud, under the hedge, around the flowers, down the hill, through the reeds, and over the stones. Finally Little Duck reaches his mother and three brothers. Splash into the water!


Baby Duck’s New Friend written and illustrated by Frank Asch and Devin Asch (2001)

Baby Duck’s mama reminds him not to pass the stone bridge unless he is with someone who can fly. So Baby Duck swims all the way to the stone bridge wishing he knew someone who could fly. Just then a rubber duck falls from a truck going over the bridge and lands in the water next to Baby Duck. Baby Duck is excited, this new friend can fly faster than his mama! So Baby Duck follows his new friend past the stone bridge. Soon they are plunged to the bottom of a waterfall and end up in a river that snaked through a dark forest. Eventually they float to the sea. Baby Duck is frightened. He had never seen waves so big. When Baby Duck and his new friend get washed up onto the beach, his new friend is picked up by a little boy. Baby Duck shouts and tries to follow his new friend, but the moon rises and Baby Duck wants to go home. Seeing the beam of light from the lighthouse, Baby Duck flaps his wings and flies into the night sky over the ocean, to the river, past the woods and the waterfall, all the way back to the old stone bridge. Baby Duck splashes down in the water on the other side of the bridge and swims back home to his mama who gives him a minnow for his dinner and promises to teach him how to fly the next day.


Rubber Duck written by Dana Meachen Rau and illustrated by Patrick Girouard (2001)

The little boy takes his rubber duck outside to play. They ride his bike to the park and go down the slide. They hide behind a garbage can, roll down the hill, jump into a pile of leaves, and eat gooey marshmallows. Rubber Duck gets so dirty playing that the boy barely recognizes him. So they go back home and take a nice bubble bath to clean up again.

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