January 14 – Poetry at Work Day

Happy Poetry Day!

Poetry for children is more than just finding books written in rhyme. Look for some old poetry favorites or something new this year.


I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus written by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic (2012)

Over 100 silly, crazy, laugh-out-loud, and spit-milk-through-your-nose, poems all about brothers who pick their noses, bouncing to the moon in bouncing shoes, a counting crabacus, an adder snake who can solve arithmetic problems, a dragon store, and so much more!


Everybody Was a Baby Once written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingman (2010)

Collection of poems both silly and fun. My favorite verse from Monster Munch goes like this: Monster dinner, Moldly greens, Graveyard gravy, Human beans. And from the last page: A woman to her son did utter, “Go, my son, and shut the shutter.”, “The shutter’s shut,” the son did utter, “I cannot sit it any shutter.”


Curious Creatures written by Barry Louis Polisar and illustrated by David Clark (2010)

Poems for kids who love unusual animals and the sometimes gross things they do! Funny and informative, double whammy!

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