January 15 – Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Happy Ice Cream Day!

Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla… whatever your favorite flavor, today is your day to celebrate!


I Scream! Ice Cream!: A Book of Wordles written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Serge Bloch (2013)

A wordle is a group of words that sound exactly the same but have different meanings, for example: ‘I scream’ and ‘ice cream’. Have fun reading the first part of the wordle and then try to guess what the second part of the wordle is before you turn the page. Try this one: Princesess cape. (Prince Escape)


Yummy Ice Cream written by Emma Quay and illustrated by Anna Walker (2011)

Panda and Sheep have yummy ice cream. Panda has yummy chocolate ice cream. Sheep has yummy strawberry ice cream. Owl has big round eyes. Panda and Sheep break off the bottom of their cones and scoop up a tiny bit of their ice cream to share with Owl. Now everyone has really yummy ice cream.


Ice Cream, The Full Scoop written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons (2008)

Have you ever wondered about how ice cream became one of our favorite treats? This book takes a step-by-step approach to ice cream. Some people believe the Chinese mixed snow, milk, and rice together more than 3,000 years ago to make ice cream. About 700 years ago, Marco Polo brought recipes for flavored ices home to Italy from China. 300 years ago, the British brought ice-cream recipes to the American colonies. Almost 200 years ago, Nancy Johnson invented the ice-cream maker in New Jersey. Today the ice cream business starts at dairy farms with cows that are milked twice a day. The milk is stored in cooling tanks and shipped to ice cream factories where it is mixed with sugar and pasteurized to kill any harmful bacteria. Then it is homogenized and stored in coolers until it is pumped into a freezer. Later flavors are added to the mix and the ice cream is packaged to ship around the world.


Spike and Cubby’s Ice Cream Island Adventure written by Heather Sellers and illustrated by Amy L. Young (2004)

Spike and Cubby are best friends who work together. Cubby writes stories and Spike illustrates. One day Spike gets an invitation to Ice Cream Island. He convinces Cubby to stop writing so they can get ice cream, but when they get to the ferry they see a sign that says NO DOGS ALLOWED. So Spike and Cubby rent a sailboat. Suddenly a storms blows in and turns them upside down in the sea. Luckily Spike is a great swimmer and he tows the overturned boat with Cubby on it to land. They enjoy their ice cream and go home. The next day, Cubby goes back to work on his story, Dogs at Sea. The story practically writes itself. When he’s finished, he and Spike go back to Ice Cream Island to celebrate.


Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes (2003)

Wemberly got an ice cream star but she was worried that she might drip it on her dress or that Petal didn’t have any. So Wemberly got two bowls, two spoons, and two napkins and then she waited and waited and waited for her ice cream to melt. She let it drip into the two bowls. Then Wemberly and Petal had ice cream soup!

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