January 2 – Science Fiction Day

Happy Science Fiction Day!

Let’s look for aliens.


The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot written by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by Mark Fearing (2011)

Intergalactic twist on the story of the three little pigs. In this book, the three little aliens leave their mama on a small and cozy planet to find their own home. Befroe they go, mama warns them to stick together and stay away from the big bad robot who wants to eat them. The first little alien, Bork stops on red planet swirling with dust to live in a small range rover. The second little alien, Gork stops on the next planet with huge golden rings to live in a passing satellite circling the planet. The last little alien, Nklxwcyz traveled on by himself to the farthest planet away where he built his own house with rocks. He found solar panels to keep him warm and a telescope to use as a chimney. Soon the big bad robot shows up and destroys the homes of the first two little aliens and chases them all the way to the last planet where their brother Nklxwcyz hurries them into the house he built. The big bad robot tries to destroy the house, but he cannot. He tries to climb down the chimney, but explodes into a million pieces. The three little aliens decide to stick together like their mama told them, and called her to join them in their new home.


We’re Off to Look for Aliens written and illustrated by Colin McNaughton (2008)

Two books in one! Dad writes picture books for children. When his first book arrives in the mail in shows is to his family. They read the story (in rhyme) of how Dad and the family dog go on a trip to outer space, meet a lovely alien lady, and bring her home and raise a family. The family reads this book (inside the covers of the first book) and then tell Dad they’re not sure people would like to read it because it’s a true story about their family and not a fairy tale like the ones they usually like to read!

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