January 22 – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Happy Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

What kinds of questions does your cat have? See if you can find out, and try to answer them. Not sure, see if you can figure it out with some of these great cat picture books.


Pilgrim Cat written by Carol Antoinette Peacock and illustrated by Doris Ettlinger (2004)

This is a fictional story about a cat who boarded the Mayflower in chase of a mouse. A young girl named Faith Barrett, adopted him and named him Pounce. She fed him bits of cheese, bread, and meat from her own small portions. When Faith became ill with fever, Pounce lay curled by her head until she was well. Once set up in Plymouth, Pounce and Faith remained friends. Then one day Pounce disappeared. Faith cried for days until her friend Squanto led her to a place in a hollow log where Pounce lay with her five kittens. Pounce was a girl, and a mother! That fall, Pounce and her kittens frolicked underfoot as the pilgrims prepared a feast of Thanksgiving. Faith gave thanks for the Mayflower, the Wampanoag, the harvest, and for her kitten, Pounce.

 3128709Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up? written by Billl Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson and illustrated by Laura J. Bryant (2008)

Rhyming conversation between Kitty Cat and her Mother. For each question Mother asks, Kitty Cat has something that delays her. Finally, Kitty Cat is ready for school and gives her mother a good-bye hug.


Cat in the Bag written by Sara Swan Miller and illustrated by Benton Mahan (2001)

Cat wants to be in the bag. Every time the cat crawls into her bag, the girl takes him out. The girl packs her suitcase with things she will take on her trip, hats, sweaters, pants, socks, underwear… but no cat. She adds a brush, shampoo, books, and toys… but no cat. When is bag is packed to overflowing with paper, pencils, crayons, and the like, the girl finally tells the cat it’s okay to come along. As she walks down the street with a full bag, the cat walks happily behind her.

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