January 25 – Opposite Day

Happy Opposite Day!

Hello/Goodbye! Whether you’re young or old, male or female, short or tall, you’ll find opposites in these picture books fun to read.


Opposites written and illustrated by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert (2013)

Preschoolers will love to find all the animal characters in this book engaged in opposite behaviors on each two-page spread. Colorful, lively, and endearing.


Eyelike Opposites: The Beauty of Differences in the Natural World  by Play Back Publishing (2008)

Even adults will love the real world photographs which accompany each pair of opposites in this book. Animals in motion take part in imaginary conversations with each other.


The Opposite written by Tom MacRae and illustrated by Elena Odriozola (2006)

When Nate woke up one morning, the opposite was standing on the ceiling grinning down at him. All day long the opposite kept changing the things Nate did to the exact opposite. So he poured his milk up and splashed it all over the table. And he painted everywhere in his classroom except the paper. But every time Nate tried to tell people about the opposite, the opposite disappeared and no one believed him. Finally, Nate knew just what to do. He declared how much he loved having the opposite happen and then nothing happened. The next morning, Nate woke up to find the opposite hanging upside down over his head again. Nate told him how excited he was to have this happen all over again… the end.

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