January 26 – Spouses Day

Happy Spouses Day!

4963005More Mr. and Mrs. Green written and illustrated by Keith Baker (2004)

This is the second in an eight book series about Mr. and Mrs. Green. This alligator couple, keeps busy every day. In this book, there are three chapters. In the first one, Mr. and Mrs. Green spend the day fishing. Mr. Green is catching a lot of fish. Mrs. Green is not. She tries many different things including switching sides of the boat, trading poles, and even wearing Mr. Green’s lucky hat. But nothing works until she tries using his very special bait… jelly beans!


Mr. and Mrs. Muddle written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Catharine O’Neill (1989)

Mr. and Muddle were happily married. They liked almost everything the other did, with only one exception. Mrs. Muddle liked to drive and Mr. Muddle liked to walk. So they stayed home a lot and didn’t go out. One day they decided to ask their friend Elmer for advice. They called him on the telephone and Elmer came right over. They each told Elmer why they preferred one mode of transportation over the other. Elmer told them they were both right and that they should come up with a solution between walking and driving. Mr. and Mrs. Muddle decided on a boat. So they bought a canoe. Mr. Muddle paddled and paddled but they only went in circles. Mrs. Muddle paddled and paddled on the other side, but they only went in circles the other way. Just then their friend Elmer swam past. The answer is somewhere in the middle he reminded them. So they each paddled on their own side at the same time and went in a straight line. Mrs. Muddle was so excited, she jumped and wiggled and the boat tipped over. They each swam to the shore and ended up on opposite sides of the lake. They decided to swim to the middle and got back to their capsized canoe. They climbed back in and paddled home for lunch.


Mr. and Mrs. Button’s Wonderful Watchdogs written by Janice Duvoisin and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin (1978)

Mr. and Mrs. Button’s were worried that their dachshund, Sylvia and their cats Sunflower and Sadie would not be any protection if a burglar came into their house. So they got Savage, Fury, Fire Eater, and Monster to protect their house. But every stranger that came to the house turned out to be a friend. Eventually, Savage, Fury, Fire Eater, and Monster were just as gentle and loving as Sylvia. But then one night a real burglar snuck into the house. He was knocked down and kissed all over by all of Mr. and Mrs. Button’s dogs and cats. He ran off, leaving his shoes and pants behind. Now Mr. and Mrs. Button’s are sure they are well protected by their wonder watchdogs… and cats.


Mr. and Mrs. Pig’s Evening Out written and illustrated by Mary Rayner (1976)

Mr. and Mrs. Pig had ten piglets. One night Mr. and Mrs. Pig decided to go out and they hired a babysitter from the agency. While the piglets took their baths and got ready for bed the babysitter arrived. Her name was Mrs. Wolf. Mrs. Pig didn’t seem concerned and she told Mrs. Wolf that she should help herself to a nice hot drink or a  snack later in the evening. Later, when the piglets were all asleep, Mrs. Wolf went into the kitchen and turned on the oven, then she went upstairs to check on the piglets. She peeked in on the piglets and very quietly chose one from the bottom bunked. He squealed and grunted so loudly he woke up his brothers and sisters who ran downstairs after him. They got to the kitchen just as Mrs. Wolf was putting the little piglet into the oven. The other piglets got a huge blanket and threw it over Mrs. Wolf’s head and tied her up inside the blanket. When their parents got home, they told them all about Mrs. Wolf. Mr. Pig carried the blanket to the middle of a bridge and shook Mrs. Wolf out into the water below, and she was never heard from again.

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