January 28 – National Kazoo Day

Happy Kazoo Day!

Playing the kazoo… a skill everyone must learn.

First, there’s this little ditty about a duck who played the kazoo…


The Duck Who Played the Kazoo written by Amy E. Sklansky and illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke (2008)

Duck played a tune on his shiny kazoo, “la ditty, da ditty, zu zu”. Every day he played his kazoo. He played while he paddled on the lake. He played when he was alone. He played when he was freezing cold. Then one day, Duck packed up his things and flew  south with his kazoo. He played for the other ducks there and made new friends. He played them music to float by, music to eat by, and music to dance by. Then he asked them if they wanted to come home with him.  So they all packed their things and flew back to the lake he knew. “La ditty, da ditty, zu zu.”

And then there’s little story about a girl named Ella Kazoo who would not brush her hair…


Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair written by Lee Fox and illustrated by Jennifer Plecas (2006)

Ella Kazoo has quite unruly curly hair, and she hates to have it combed or brushed. Her mother tries, but Ella hides and cries and refuses. Finally, her hair is so out of control that even Ella wants to have it stopped. She goes to the salon and the hairdressers clip and trim and cut until there is only one lock of hair left. Ella Kazoo and her mother are extremely happy with her new manageable hair-do.

If you like this story about Ella Kazoo you might also like to find out what happens when Ella Kazoo will not go to sleep.


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