January 31 – Backwards Day

Happy Backwards Day!


10 9 8 Polar Animals! A Counting Backward Book written and illustrated by Rebecca Fjelland (2006)

This counting book also gives fun facts about the polar animals. Count, Read, and Have Fun!

1386748Curse in Reverse written by Tom Coppinger and illustrated by Dirk Zimmer (2003)

One freezing cold night an old witch named Agnezza came upon a village looking for a warm place to stay and something to eat. However, the innkeeper would not give her a room and the richest man in the village would not share a meal with her so Agnezza put a curse on them both. Finally, a poor couple offered her supper and a bed to sleep in. The next morning, Agnezza cursed them with the Curse of the One-armed Man and left their home. The couple was hurt and confused. And later, when the other two curses came true, they worried more and more. Eventually the couple had a baby and Agnezza returned to their home. Although he was afraid of Agnezza’s curse, the man invited her inside but he never let go of his son. He prepared the fire and the meal with just one arm since he was holding his baby so tightly with his other arm. After the meal, Agnezza revealed to them that the curse of the one-armed man was a curse in reverse. Because she could not bless them with children, she cursed them with children instead by making him the one armed man.  The curse of the One-armed Man brought the couple three more children. And every year, Auntie Agnezza was a welcomed guest in their home.


The Alphabet from Z to A (With Much Confusion on the Way) written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Richard Hull (1997)

A rhyming and thought provoking alphabet book. For each letter there are examples of words that start with that letter, and some words which don’t but probably should. And even for letters with only one sound, many homophones can be found. For example Z is for zip or zero, but not xylophone. Y is for yew or you, but not using. T is for taxi and tacks, but not for pterodactyl. P is for phone or physical, but you can’t spell them fone or phitness. F is for fake but not phony. And B is for bough, bow, blew and blue.

815262Silly Sally written and illustrated by Audrey Wood (1994)

“Silly Sally went to town, walking backwards, upside down.” Along her way, Silly Sally met a silly pig and they danced the jig. Then she went to town with the pig, dancing backwards upside down. As she goes to town she meets other silly animals and they all go backward upside down. But then came, Neddy Buttercup who walks forward right side up. Ned tickles the pig, the dog, the loon, the sheep, and Sally who tickled him right back. Now Neddy Buttercup joins the group walking backward upside down.

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