January 7 – Old Rock Day

Happy Old Rock Day!

Fossils, Diamonds, Coal, Jewels…. Old Rocks!

 6280248Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (2009)

Buddy loves rocks! So he and Mama go on a rock walk at the Nature Center. Buddy finds piles of rocks which lead the way along the trails. He also learns interesting information about rocks. Then he meets Roxie, the Rock Ridge Ranger. She teaches Buddy more about rocks and gives him a ‘Rock Star’ sticker to wear on his shirt. At the end of the story, the author shows kids how to start their own rock collections and make a rock magnet.

6144802Rock Stars Rocks written and photographed by Chris and Helen Pellant (2008)

Learn about rocks with this non-fiction picture book. Find out how rocks are formed, and the difference between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Read about some amazing rocky places like the Grand Canyon in the United States, Elephant’s Arch in Italy, and Red Lave in Iceland. Identify different rocks by color, mineral content, and locations. And see which rocks are record breakers for the most common, the largest, the lightest, and the oldest rocks on earth.


I Love Rocks written by Cari Meister and illustrated by Terry Sirrell (2000)

This Rookie Reader introduces the youngest readers to the nonfiction world of rocks. Easy concepts are illustrated on each page. Preschoolers will learn that some rocks float and some sink. Some are round, square, hairy, or have freckles. Rocks are used to make castles and caves, dams and pools, glass and jewels. Find out more simple facts about rocks here.

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