January 8 – National Bubble Bath Day

Happy Bubble Bath Day!

Today is a great day to soak in the tub with a good book.


Pig Takes a Bath written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Oriol Vidal (2010)

This very simple tale tells the story of Little Pig who needs to take a bath. With only one sentence per page and big illustrations, toddlers can hear about how Little Pig goes from dirty to clean in just 10 short page spreads.


Estelle Takes a Bath written by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Mary Newell DePalma (2006)

On a cold and snowy day, Estelle is soaking in her peppermint bubble bath, sipping her green tea, and forgetting her troubles. In the meantime, a cold, shivering mouse squeezes himself into her house. Smelling the peppermint, the little mouse goes to explore and surprises Estelle in her bath. Estelle screams and jumps out of the tub, dancing around completely naked, splashing bubbles all over the floor. Estelle grabs a broom and chases the mouse from room to room. Her cat joins in chasing the poor little mouse until he slips into the tub and chokes on a mouthful of bubbles and water. Suddenly, Estelle starts to feel sorry for the little mouse because it was obvious he couldn’t swim. Just as her cat dives into the tub to snatch the mouse, Estelle grabs him and rescues the mouse. Now Estelle and the mouse share a cup of tea and a nice warm bubble bath.


Bubble Bath Pirates! written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (2003)

Pirate Mommy plays along with her kids as they take a bath. She prepares the tub with bubbles and a pirate duck, and it’s yo-ho-ho All hands on deck. Pirate Mommy has them walk the plank as she hands them their washcloths. Little Pirates raise the sails on their boats and look through a spyglass as Pirate Mommy reminds them to wash under their arms. Blimey! They have to close their eyes while she shampoos their hair. Then it’s time to fire the cannons when Pirate Mommy pulls the plug. After bath time, Little Pirates rush to the kitchen looking for buried treasure in the bounty of ice cream!

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