January 9 – National Apricot Day

Happy Apricot Day!

 Do you realize how hard it is to find books about apricots? Very Hard! Luckily I remembered this little gem.


Nobody written by Liz Rosenberg and illustrated by Julie Downing (2010)

When George woke up one morning Nobody was already up and about. Mom and Dad were sleeping and his dog Flo was still sleeping too. But Nobody tugged on George’s blanket and suggested they make a feast. George was a very good cook, and with Nobody’s help he got the ingredients to make omelets. George used some of his favorite foods, some that Mom and Dad liked, and some that Nobody liked. Then when his dog, Flo came downstairs George added some of her favorite treats as well. George remembered that he was not allowed to use the stove when Nobody was around so he played cards with Nobody until Mom and Dad came downstairs. Mom surveyed the mess, ‘Almonds, anchovies, apricots’ ‘Pineapple, sweet potato, puppy treats…’ Then Mom saw how much George had tried to help and offered to let him help make the pancakes for breakfast. Mom didn’t even notice Nobody and he grew smaller and smaller and got lost in George’s pocket. George thought about it for a little while and admitted to his mom that Nobody had helped him and the Nobody made better pancakes than he did. Nobody grew and grew and smiled a bit. And when everyone sat down for breakfast, Nobody ate more pancakes than George.

See how slyly we fit apricots into today’s selection? Enjoy your day, and remember Nobody likes picture books as much as your children do!

And then there’s little gem I found in the library today.


Apricot ABC written by Miska Miles and illustrated by Peter Parnall (1969)

This little ABC book was published 45 years ago, but the quiet little rhyming story is sure to please a little reader today as well. The story begins in a garden where an apricot falls from a tree startling a bee which was busily buzzing nearby.  Crickets and Caterpillars crawled up to take a look. A Dragonfly flew past the Dillweed and joined a Damsefly. The story moves along introducing children to the animals and plants living in the garden, all who come to see the apricot. Some nibble and taste the sweet fruit, until at last the Yellow sun shines down on the the seed. The wind blows leaves to cover it and the rain Zig Zags over it until one day a young apricot tree will grow in its place.

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