March 10 – Napping Day


I thought I’d celebrate Napping Day today with an old favorite, The Napping House written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood. I love the rhythm and repetition of the text. Audrey Wood is a master with words! You can’t beat it…

‘And on that granny there is a child, a dreaming child on a snoring granny, on a cozy bed, in a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.’

And of course, the illustrations are not only playful but beautiful. Don Wood captures the exact feeling of the story. Watch how the light changes as the napping begins and as everyone wakes up from their naps.

Here is a fun video of the book being read aloud. Enjoy your nap today!

Napping Day was founded by Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife Camille in 1999. Napping Day is the unofficial holiday to help people adjust to Daylight Saving Time. It is always the Monday after we ‘spring forward’ losing an hour of sleep the night before. It was established to promote health and productivity. Studies show that regular napping can reduce the risk of death from heart related problems. However, a 2009 study in the UK indicated that naps could increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Yikes! My advice – take a nap and control other risks for diabetes!

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