March 14 – Pi Day

Today is Pi Day… no, not apple pie day (which I much prefer), but the day that we celebrate the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle.  March 14 or 3.14  Mathematically speaking pi is 3.141592653589793238462643383…  You math brains out there can verify that, the rest of you just have to trust that I copied it correctly!


Memorizing pi is not easy, but making pie is… that’s why we say ‘it’s as easy as pie’!  So to celebrate this day, I’m going to share with you, my favorite pie picture book…  How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World written and illustrated by Marjorie Priceman.


This fanciful story takes the reader on a world wide trip to pick up the ingredients necessary to make a pie.  We go to Italy for some superb semolina wheat, France for a french hen who lays elegant eggs, Sri Lanka for the best cinnamon in the world, England to pick up a cow for the freshest milk, salt from the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica for sugar cane, and Vermont, USA for eight rosy apples.

I have attached two videos of the book for you.  The first one is a complete reading of the story by ELF Academy.  The second is a video of the Reading Rainbow episode featuring the book.  So take some time today to read, watch, and enjoy the book, the video, and a pie!

Happy Pi Day!

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