March 15 – Quilting Day

Happy Quilting Day!  In 1991 the National Quilting Association decided to create a special day to celebrate and inspire lovers of quilting and to encourage others to take up this craft.

I am not a quilter.  I have never picked up that craft, but I know, and have known, many fabulous quilters in my life.  One of the finest was my husband’s grandmother.  She quilted out of necessity and love.  Each one of my children have more than one special quilt made especially for them from crib, twin, and adult sizes.  These are treasured items. Some have been loved to rags and others still comfort them when they are sick, keep them cozy while cuddling on the couch, or warm them on cold evenings.  And of course, I have several more in my home too.

So, not being a quilter myself, I will celebrate this day by cuddling up under a family heirloom this afternoon with a good book or two.  My all-time favorite quilting story is Patricia Polaco’s The Keeping Quilt.  It was first published in 1988, and celebrated it’s 25th anniversary just last year.


“We will make a quilt to help us alway remember home,” Anna’s mother said.  And so they did, and the quilt was passed down from generation to generation for almost a hundred years.  The actual quilt that Patricia Polacco’s great grandmother Anna made for her daughter remains in the Mazza Museum in Findley, Ohio.

Patricia Polacco is an incredible storyteller and artist.  What makes her books so special is that her stories are based on personal events in her family and told from the heart.  She values family traditions and shares a little bit about herself in each of her stories.  Below are two links to learn more about the author and her books.

 Patricia Polacco tells about herself and her stories.


Patrica Polacco shares the actual quilt with viewers.

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