March 18th – Awkward Moments Day

Ummmm…. Happy Awkward Moments Day?

That doesn’t sound right.  Well, I gave it some thought, and realized not only do we all have awkward moments but kids do too! Reading and listening to good children’s literature will help them understand that everyone has awkward moments and we still work through them until we come to a satisfying resolution.

Think about the lessons learned from fairy tales and folktales.  They all begin or have at least one awkward moment before the resolution.  For example….


That awkward moment when after an evening of dancing and falling in love, Prince Charming realizes he doesn’t know Cinderella’s name!


That awkward moment when the princess realizes that she has promised to give Rumplestitskin her first-born baby and he comes to collect!


Or that awkward moment when the biggest billy goat gruff realizes that his brothers have given him up to the troll for safe passage over the bridge!

Oh, there’s more… many more!


How about that awkward moment the princess realizes she has to kiss a frog!


Or that awkward moment when Henny Penny’s friends realize they’ve been blindly following a scatter-brained chicken who thought the sky was falling!


And let’s not forget that awkward moment when the Gingerbread Man realizes that the little old woman and the little old man intend to eat him!

No, children’s literature is full of awkward moments!   I bet you can think of lots more…  So take a few minutes today to celebrate awkward moments!

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