March 22 – Goof Off Day

Happy Goof Off Day!

I love this day!  Why isn’t this a national holiday?  I especially love the book I’m going to share with you today.  It is the epitome of goofing off.

552489Oink? written by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Henry Cole

Published in 2006 (and given to me by a former student the following year)

Thomas and Joseph are two pigs.  They are happy.  They are content.  After all, they never work!  They are lazy.  They are fat. And they are dirty. But the only ones who seem to care, are their farmyard neighbors, the hens, the duck, and the rabbit. Their neighbors try to help Thomas and Joseph clean up their act, but they are not at all interested in work.  In true Tom Sawyer fashion, Thomas and Joseph lay around while the hens paint their fence, the rabbit picks their vegetables, and the duck digs a new watering hole. All the while their neighbors congratulate themselves, knowing that Thomas and Joseph never could have done it without them… until they realize that those pigs were not as dumb as they believed them to be!

“Oink,” said Thomas.

“Oink,” agreed Joseph.

Have a grand day goofing off today… I’m sure you’ve earned it!

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