March 26 – Purple Day

Happy Purple Day!

Here is the day some people wait for the whole year!  PURPLE DAY!  Do you know anyone who obsesses over purple?  Everything, and I do mean everything, has to be purple.  Not pink, not red, purple!  Although, any shade of purple will do.  I’ve noticed, that among many young girls purple is the new pink.  This may have started with Lilly.

825081Kevin Henkes, who introduced us all to Chrysanthemum, Chester, Wemberly, Shelia Rae, Owen, and Julius, also gave us the uncomparable Lilly, who incidentally was the star of Chester’s Way and Julius, Baby of the World.  But this is the first book with Lilly as the title character.  Lilly has always been spirited, funny, and independent.  In this book, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Lilly is so proud of her brand new purple plastic purse that she simply cannot wait to share it with her friends at school.  However, this is in direct opposition to her teacher’s request to put it away until sharing time.  Eventually, her teacher, Mr. Slinger must take her purse away from her.  Lilly has to learn that there is a time and place for everything.  In the next few years, Kevin Henkes brings Lilly and Mr. Slinger back in Lilly’s Big Day.

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