March 31 – Crayola Crayon Day

Do you remember the smell of a new box of crayons? …the feel of that first waxy line on the paper? …the heartbreak of breaking or losing or wearing down your favorite color?

Do you remember being taught to stay inside the lines? …or to be creative? … or to think outside the box?

Today is for you… Happy Crayola Crayon Day!

Crayola crayons were developed by Binney & Smith.  The name crayola came from the french word ‘craie’ meaning chalk, and ‘ola’ from the word ‘oleaginous’ which means oily. In 1903, Binney & Smith came out with the first box of eight Crayola crayons that sold for only a nickel. Celebrating their 100th birthday, Crayola created the world’s largest crayon in 2003, breaking the old Guinness record of 10ft.  Made in America’s favorite color – blue, it was 15 feet high, 16 inches wide, and weighed 1500 pounds!

To celebrate Crayola Crayon Day, let’s take a look at The Day the Crayons Quit written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

16101018This book was published in 2013. It is the debut picture book for author Drew Daywalt and popular illustrator Oliver Jeffers. In this story, Duncan goes to draw a picture one day only to find that all his crayons had quit.  Instead of finding the crayons in their box, Duncan finds crayon written letters explaining why they were on strike.  Some are overused, others underused, some feel left out, others are mad at each other, one is even embarrassed not to have any paper covering his body.  Only green crayon doesn’t seem to be mad at Duncan. Duncan decided to use his crayons in a new picture and got an A+ for creativity!

Orange you glad you stopped to celebrate Crayola Crayon Day with me?

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