March 5 – Cheese Doodle Day

Happy Cheese Doodle Day!

While enjoying your cheese doodles, keep your orange fingers off the books!


The Cheese written by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Steve Jonson and Lou Fancher (2007)

The cheese stands alone, the cheese, stands alone, hi-ho-the-dairy-oh, the cheese stands alone. But why, thinks the rat to himself. Cheese is meant to be enjoyed, not left standing alone in the middle of the dell. So Rat takes off to get the cheese. Along the way he is joined by the Cat, the Dog, the child, the wife, and the farmer. The farmer, the wife, the child, the dog, and the cat think the cheese would taste good with some pears, apples, crackers, sausages, and milk. The Rat enjoys the cheese alone.


 Cock-a-Doodle-Hooooooo! written by Mick Manning and illustrated by Brita Granstrom (2007)

One stormy night, an owl squeezed his way into a henhouse to get warm. In the morning, the chickens were annoyed. They didn’t want an owl, they wanted a rooster. They tried to teach the owl how to behave like a rooster, but he failed every test. Just as they were about to throw him out of their henhouse, the owl swooped down and snatched a rat. Now he was their hero and a replacement for a rooster with his cock-a-doodle-hoooooo!

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