March 7 – Doodle Day

Happy Doodle Day!

You can spend some time doodling in a notebook, or you can read some funny books about another kind of doodle.


Oink-a-Doodle-Moo written and illustrated by Jef Czekaj (2012)

This is a take on the old ‘telephone’ game. Pig tells a secret to Rooster, ‘Oink’. Rooster tells Cow, ‘Oink-a-doodle-doo’. Cow tells Frog, ‘Oink-a-doodle-moo’. Frog tells Crow who tells Owl, who tells Horse, who tells Sheep, who tells Snake, who tells Duck, who tells Mouse, who tells Donkey, who tells Cat, who tells Dog… ‘Hee-haw-oink-baa-quack=caw-ribbit-hiss-neight-meow-hoo-squeak’. Dog runs to tell Pig, but he gets the secret all mixed up and can’t remember the order. But Pig doesn’t mind, he just starts the game all over again!

1038901-2Cook-a-Doodle-Doo! written by Janet Stevens and Susan Steven Crummel and illustrated by Janet Stevens (2005)

Rooster was tired of pecking away for chicken feed day after day. Then he remembered his great-grandmother, the Little Red Hen. Rooster searched the chicken coop until he found her cookbook, The Joy of Cooking Alone. He decided to make a strawberry shortcake, cock-a-doodle-doo. And like his great-grandmother he asked for help from the dog, the cat, and the goose, but they would not help. He asked the turtle, the iguana, and the pig. The turtle could read, the iguana could get stuff, and the pig could taste. So turtle, iguana, and pig helped Rooster sift and measure the flour, cut the butter, beat the eggs, add the milk, mix the dough, and bake the cake. Then they cut the strawberries and whipped the cream. Finally, they sliced the cake and layered the strawberries and whipped cream in between the stacks. As they were taking it to the table, it slipped to the floor and pig ate it all. So the friends decided to make another cake, after all now that they knew how to do it the second one would be easier to make. Together they made the most delicious strawberry shortcake in the world.10344The Giraffe who Cock-a-Doodle-Doo’d written by Keith Faulkner and illustrated by Jonathan Lambert (2001)

One morning the jungle rooster woke up to cock-a-doodle foo, but instead gave an enormous ROAR which woke up Lion. Lion opened his mouth to scare away the other lion he heard, but instead of a roar all that came out was a tiny squeak. Elephant laughed a Lion. He raised his trunk to trumpet, but instead squawked. Parrot opened his mouth and let out an earth shattering TRUMPET! Elephant wasn’t happy hissed like a snake. All the animals began to argue. But Giraffe who was normally quiet tried out his new voice…cock-a-doodle-doo. Luckily for everyone involved, this magic only lasted for a day, but Giraffe will never forget the wonderful day when he woke up with a voice that shook the jungle.

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