May 14 – Dance Like a Chicken Day

Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day!

6375132Chicken Dance written by Tami Sauer and illustrated by Dan Santat (2009) is a fun-filled story about two chicks, Marge and Lola, who search for something they can do at the barnyard talent show to win tickets to see Elvis Poultry in concert. And even though they don’t win the talent show, their moves do win them a spot on the Elvis Poultry concert tour.


Big Chickens written by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole (2006) is another funny story about a bunch of chickens who are running to escape a wolf who’s been lurking near the henhouse. The play on words, ‘big chickens’ depicting their cowardly escape, is just one of the many jokes in the story as the chickens stumble from one mishap to another overcoming their own fears and becoming BIG CHICKENS, not frightened clucks.

17347652Cinders, A Chicken Cinderella written and illustrated by Jan Brett (2013) is a beautifully illustrated story of the most unlikely guest at the Prince Cockerel’s ball, Cinders the Chicken Cinderella. Despite Pecky’s and Bossy’s attempts to keep Cinders from the ball, Silkie her fairy godmother intervenes. Readers will be enchanted with the familiar fairy tale told with poultry.


Chicks and Salsa by written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Paulette Bogan (2005) is barnyard fiesta!

To read a full review of Chicks and Salsa please visit my other post here.

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