May 2 – World Baby Day

Happy Baby Day!

My goodness, only one day to celebrate babies? Babies require round the clock care every day of the year. They also bring round the clock joy every day of the year! Holding, feeding, changing, playing, talking, sleeping, and yes – reading. Multiple studies have proven that babies who are read to every day from earliest infancy develop stronger and faster than babies who are not read to every day. This development is physical, social, emotional, and mental. Generally babies who are read to are healthier, happier, and smarter. I’m sure a lot of this is true because a baby who is being read to is also receiving all the other requirements of food, sleep, exercise, and stimulation necessary in life. But beyond that, babies who are read to develop a larger vocabulary and understanding of their world through books.

Today, I am going to offer you a multitude of board books available for babies and their caregivers to enjoy. This list doesn’t even scratch the surface. There are so many wonderful board books for babies. I have limited myself to only one title per author, but if you see one you like, I’ll bet the same author has many more.

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