May 3 – International Space Day

Happy Space Day!

This day was set up for the first Friday in May to celebrate all the extraordinary accomplishments of the men and women of space exploration.  It was started in 1997, by the Lockheed Martin Corporation to encourage young people in the fields of science and math. It became so popular, that in 2001, former astronaut and Sen. John Glenn expanded it from Space Day to  International Space Day and is now recognized world-wide.

Here are a few fun reads to share with your little ones to spark their interest in space.

I Want to Be An Astronaut written and illustrated by Byron Barton is a simple, easy to read, picture book for the youngest readers.


Sheep Blast Off! written by Nancy Shaw and illustrated by Margot Apple, takes children on a wild adventure ride with a herd of silly sheep who know nothing about flying a spaceship.

Green Wilma, Frog in Space written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold, is a hilarious story of an intergalactic mix-up. While Wilma is busy catching flies for dinner, she doesn’t realize that there are other creatures in the pond with her. Unfortunately, the spaceship leaves with Wilma instead of the alien Blooger. And although Wilma enjoys her time in space she wants to get home in time for dinner. 6263771


And for those older readers who are already thirsty for more, here are several titles that will have them ready to join NASA!

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