May 6 – National Nurses Day

Happy Nurses’ Day!

National Nurses Day is celebrated on May 6, beginning the celebration of National Nurses Week which ends on May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.


1304536 Nurse Nancy was first published in the 1950’s and has been published since then up to 10 different times, the last one being in 2012 as a hardback and an ebook. It was written by Kathryn Jackson and illustrated by Corinne Malvern.

UnknownMy Hero, My Dad The Nurse written by Dr. Maggie Thurmond Dorsey, RN and illustrated by Lorenzo Williams (2008).  This book was written to help children see nurses as non-gender specific. After being teased for his career choice, the main character takes his dad to school with him for career day. Two other books by the same author/illustrator team are My Hero, My Dad The Nurse Plays Football and My Hero, My Dad The Nurse Knocks Out Cancer.


Nurse, a Barron’s Little People Shape Book, is written and illustrated by Giovanni Caviezelis (2011).



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