May 8 – National School Nurse Day

Happy School Nurse Day!

This day is a little different from National Nurses Day which was celebrated on May 6th, in that we specifically look at  nurses who work in schools. Sadly, this is not the case for every school. Some schools have only part-time nurses or no nurse at all on staff. In those cases, usually it’s the office staff that steps in and handles major and minor injuries and illnesses. But having a nurse in a school is so much more than just applying ice and bandaids or calling parents. Having a nurse in the school is invaluable for the well being and education of the students.  And although the book selected for today seems dark and gloomy, students everywhere love their school nurses and really have no fear of going to the nurse’s office. (Some even prefer it to math class!)


The School Nurse From the Black Lagoon written by Mike Thaler and illustrated by Jared Lee, is one of a series of school officials from the Black Lagoon including the teacher, the principal, the librarian and others. In the series, students fear the unknown and pass down stories from one class to the next. With each passing year, the tales grow darker and more frightening. It’s said that Miss Herse, the nurse, tortures children who come to her office. She has a needle large enough to immunize six students at once. But one day Hubie thinks he might have leprosy and he needs to see the nurse. Once there, he realizes that all his fears were unfounded. She helps him remove the blue spots on his arm and sends him back to class ready to learn.

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