November 10 – Sesame Street Day

Happy Sesame Street Day!

No other place has captured the charm and innocence of children that the allusive location known only as Sesame Street. No one seems to know how to get there. But we all know who lives and works there. And we all want to be there!

Look in any library or bookstore and you’ll find concept books, holiday books, and storybooks featuring the characters of Sesame Street.

One that holds a place near and dear to my heart was my children’s favorite…


The Monster at the End of this Book written by Jon Stone and illustrated by  Michael J. Smollin (1971)

Grover tries to convince the reader not to turn the pages of the book because there is a monster at the end of the book and Grover is afraid of monsters. Of course, the reader continues to turn pages and Grover gets more and more upset. He pleads. He  shouts. He even tries to build a brick wall to prevent the reader from turning the page. In the end, Grover finds out that HE is the monster at the end of the book! ‘Oh, I am so embarrassed…’


Elmo Says Achoo! written by Sarah Albee and illustrated by Tom Brannon (2000)

Elmo carries a wrapped package to his friend Oscar the Grouch all through town. The package makes him sneeze. Elmo sneezes and blows the clothes off the clothesline, the cans off the stack, even the bricks off the wall. When he finally gets to Oscar’s garbage can, he gives his gift to Oscar…. it’s a stinkweed plant. Then Oscar sneezes!


Monsters Munch Lunch! written and illustrated by Abigail Tabby (2005)

Cookie Monster and all his monster friends cook up a huge delicious lunch for their rumbly, grumbly tummies. Rhyming words and catchy refrain will have little ones laughing and reading along.


Elmo and Ernie’s Joke Book written by Naomi Kleinberg and Tom Brannon and illustrated by Naomi Kleinberg (2013)

Sesame Street introduces little ones to funny jokes and riddles including this one:


Who’s there?


Stopwatch who?

Stopwatch you’re doing and read this book!

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