November 11 – Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!


Veterans Day written by Rebecca Rissman (2010)

Actual photographs illustrate the non-fiction text for young readers. There are photos of parades, men and women in uniform, military seals, soldiers in war, veterans helping people in the United States and in other countries, children saluting the flag, and cemetery scenes.


Pepper’s Purple Heart written and illustrated by Heather French Henry (2003)

Pepper is Claire’s puppy. Claire and her best friend, Robbie are going to march in the Veterans Day parade. Before the parade, Claire and Robbie play war. They pretend to be in Iraq and Viet Nam. But while they played, Pepper ran out of the yard and into the street. She was hit by a car and had to be taken to the veterinary clinic. While mom took Pepper to see the vet, Mr. Jones stayed to watch Claire and Robbie. He told them stories about when he was a general serving in Viet Nam. He had hurt his leg and was helped by a beautiful nurse who he married. Then mom came home with Pepper in a leg cast. Because she had been injured playing war, Mr. Jones gave her the Purple Heart. When it was time to march in the parade, Mr. Jones used a cane and Pepper was carried in a bicycle basket.

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