November 12 – Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

Happy Fancy Rat and Mouse Day!

 13547251Mice written by Rose Fyleman and illustrated by Lois Ehlert (2012)

This rhyming text depicts mice as nice little creatures with long tails and small faces.  They have pink ears and white teeth. They like to run around the house and eat food. No one else seems to like them, but the narrator still thinks they’re nice.


Cool Daddy Rat written by Kristyn Crow and illustrated by Mike Lester (2008)

Cool Daddy Rat played his bass all around the city. He played jazz and scatted in the streets. One day he finds his son, Ace in his bass case. Ace shows Cool Daddy Rat how well he can scat and they play together all over the city.


That Pesky Rat written and illustrated by Lauren Child (2002)

The narrator of this book is a rat who wishes people liked him more. He hated to be called a pesky rat. He wants to be a pet like his friend Pierre, the chinchilla or Oscar, the Siamese cat, Nibbles, the lop-eared rabbit, or Andrew, the scottie dog. So one morning he talks to Mrs. Trill, the pet store owner, about finding a home. He made a sign and waited and waited and waited, until finally Mr. Fortesque noticed him. Mr. Fortesque had been looking for a brown cat for ages. With his bad eyesight, Mr. Fortesque didn’t even know that he was a rat and took him home. He named him Tiddles and knitted him a little sweater. Now that pesky rat had a home.

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