November 13 – World Kindness Day

It’s World Kindness Day!


Baby Be Kind written and illustrated by Jane Cowen-Fletcher (2012)

Adorable picture book for toddlers. One line of a poem on each page, illustrated beautifully, demonstrate acts of kindness that one toddler can show to another. Perfect primer on kindness.


The Kindness Quilt written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (2006)

Minna’s teacher asks the class to do something kind over the weekend, then draw a picture about it to share with the class. Minna couldn’t decide on just one idea so she created a kindness quilt of all the kind things she had done that weekend. When she shared her quilt with the class on Monday, everyone wanted to make a kindness quilt too. So they cut and glued until all of their pictures made on large quilt. Everyday the students added to the quilt until it grew and grew and grew. Other classes joined in and soon the hallway was covered in a growing kindness quilt.


How Kind! written and illustrated by Mary Murphy (2002)

The story starts with one act of kindness which grows and grows. Hen gives Pig an egg. Pig is so happy, she gives Rabbit a carrot. Rabbit gives Cow some flowers. Cow gives Cat some milk. Cat plays chase with Puppy. Puppy scratched Pig with a stick. Pig showed Puppy her egg. The egg hatched, and Pig and Puppy give Hen the chick! ‘How kind!’

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