November 14 – Pickle Day

Happy Pickle Day!


You Can’t Taste a Pickle With Your Ear written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Amanda Haley (2006)

This non-fiction picture book explores the five senses. Each ‘chapter’ focuses on one sense. Children are encouraged to think about all the things they smell, touch, hear, see, and taste.


Picky Mrs. Pickle written and illustrated by Christine M. Schneider (2001)

Mrs. Pickle refuses to try anything new. She only likes pickles, green dresses and shoes, and her dog Dill. Every Sunday she has dinner with her family who is bored with her pickle meals and her youngest niece convinces her to try something new. She agrees to try a different flavor ice cream and is so pleased that she starts trying lots of new things. She makes new friends, goes new places, and even learns new things!


Pickle Things written and illustrated by Marc Brown (1992)

Silly and sweet, readers are taken on a tour of all the things you would never see, like pickles on a Christmas tree (although I have seen that), pickle ears, and pickle noses, pickle hair and pickle toes. At the end of the tour, the reader is reminded that one thing you would never do is wear a pickle for a shoe. ‘Never pickles on your feet…of course not, silly, they’re to eat!’

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