November 15 – America Recycles Day

Happy Recycling Day!


Here Comes the Garbage Barge! written by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Red Nose Studio (2010)

The Garbage Barge travels from one place to another trying to dump its load. Unfortunately, no one wants the smelly old garbage. As the barge travels the garbage gets stinkier. Finally, the garbage is returned to it home where it is burned and spread on the land of those who created it in the first place.


Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck written by Katie Clark and illustrated by Amy Huntington (2006)

Grandma runs the garbage company. She answers the phones, opens the mail, and counts the money. Her three sons drive the trucks. But on the biggest day of all, parade day on the 4th of July, her oldest son, Buster calls and tells her he’s too sick to drive his truck. Then her second son, Burt calls and tells her he’s too sick to drive his truck. Just then her third son, Bill rings her doorbell to say he’s too sick to drive his truck. What in the world was Grandma going to do but drive a truck herself, along with the help of her grandson little Billy. Grandma and Billy did their best, but the big garbage truck is hard to drive and Grandma ends up knocking over mailboxes, rose beds, and clotheslines.  Grandma finally stops her truck right smack in front of the parade. Covered with flags from the mailboxes, roses from the gardens, and patriotic clothes from the clotheslines, Grandma’s garbage truck leads the marching band down Main Street and wins the blue ribbon for the most creative float in the parade!


The Great Trash Bash written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy (2000)

Mayor Hippo of Beaston looks around his town and notices that there is too much trash. He calls a town meeting and everyone agrees to clean up the town. They produce less trash by reusing and recycling. They clean up the land, water, and air. And they all enjoy their beautiful town so much more.

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