November 17 – Take a Hike Day

Happy Take a Hike Day!


Corduroy’s Hike written by Alison Inches and illustrated by Allan Eitzen (2003)

Lisa was going on a hike. She told Corduroy to stay home, but he climbed into her backpack. Corduroy bounced along in her backpack up the trail, but he couldn’t see anything so he poked his head out. Corduroy fell out and landed in the dirt. A pack of boy scouts came along and found him. They threw him back and forth like a football then dropped him back down on the ground. Corduroy tried to get up but he was dizzy and he couldn’t walk. He fell into the stream and went over a waterfall. He got stuck in the rocks on the other side. Luckily for Lisa, her friend Susan found Corduroy just before they got on the bus to go home.


Sheep Take a Hike written by Nancy Shaw and illustrated by Margot Apple (1994)

This flock of sheep decide to go on a hike. But when they lose their way, they end up in the thicket. They hike through fog and land in a swamp. With the help of a moose, the sheep climb out of the slime and notice patches of wool stuck to the brambles. They follow the wool they left behind to find their path once again and return home in the rain.

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