November 25 – International Hat Day

Happy Hat Day!

 October 6th was Mad Hatter’s Day. Check out the great hat selections HERE.

For more great books about hats, check out these titles:


Hat written and illustrated by Paul Hoppe (2009)

One day while walking in the park with his mother, Henry finds a hat. He imagines all the things he could do with this amazing hat. His mother reminds him that this hat belongs to someone who might miss it for the exact reasons Henry wants to keep it. Henry thinks about these things… and walks away without the hat.


Whose Hat is This? written by Sharon Katz Cooper and illustrated by Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt (2006)

This picture book is written in a Question and Answer format. The reader is asked on each page, ‘whose hat is this…’ with a description of the hat. With a turn of the page, the answer is given about the hat, the person wearing the hat, and facts about that person’s job. The last page is hat that might belong to the reader to keep his/her head warm when it’s cold outside.


The Hat written and illustrated by Jan Brett (1997)

Winter was on its way, so Lisa hung her woolen things out to air on the clothesline when one of her stockings got caught in the wind and blew away. A curious hedgehog found the stocking and poked his nose in it, but it become stuck to this head. Instead of admitting his foolishness, he wore the stocking on his head and told the chicken it was his new hat. The chicken then ran off. The goose also laughed at the hedgehog, but when the hedgehog told him it was a hat, the goose ran off too. So did the cat, the dog, the pig, and the horse. Finally Lisa found the hedgehog and good her stocking off his head. The hedgehog returned to his den, but when Lisa returned to her house, she found all the other farm animals with pieces of her clothing on their heads!


Caps For Sale written and illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina (1938)

This literary treasure has been reprinted for over 75 years! When the peddler decides to take off the hats he wears on the top of his head and take a nap under the tree, some very naughty monkeys take his caps. When he wakes up he looks all around and finding the monkeys in the tree wearing his caps, he calls up to them to give him back his caps, but the monkeys just shake their fingers at him. When he calls again, shaking his fist, the monkeys chatter back shaking their fists at him. When he stomps his foot, the monkeys stomp their feet. And when he throws down his own cap and walks away, the monkeys all throw down their caps too. The peddler picks up all the caps and stacks them back on top of his head and walks back into town calling, ‘Caps for Sale. Caps for Sale. Fifty cents a cap!’.

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