November 4 – Traffic Director’s Day

Happy Traffic Director’s Day!

Directing picture book traffic today with books about cars, buses, and trucks.


Traffic Pups written by Michelle Meadows and illustrated by Dan Andreasen (2011)

 Traffic Pups keep the toys safe while the little boy is away. Mouse and Toad get speeding tickets. Duck is cited for driving on the shoulder. Pig and Bear need help after an accident at the traffic light. And just before the confused little boy returns to his room, everyone pulls into a parking place and scatter to their regular positions.


Truck Stop written by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Melissa Iwai (2013)

A boy and his family own and operated a truck stop on the highway that runs north and south. Every morning the regulars come in for breakfast. He knows just what everyone will order. He helps mom and dad and listens to the drivers of the eighteen-wheelers – Milk Tank and Maisie, Diligent Dan’s Moving Van, Flatbed and Digger, and Pete and Priscilla’s Tow Truck. But no one has seen Green Gus. Then the school bus arrives to pick him up for school. Along the way he sees Green Gus at the side of the road. He asks the bus driver to call the truck stop and Uncle Marty fixes him up to go back on the road.


The Little School Bus written by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Bob Kolar (2014)

The little school bus tells his own story. He and his best friend, Driver Bob, pick up the children standing in line and take them to school. He has a platform to raise wheelchairs into the bus and signs to stop traffic while the children board and exit the bus. On snowy icy days, Driver Bob and the little school bus stay home. At the end of the day, the little school bus pulls into the bus lot for a tune-up.


My Car written and illustrated by Bryon Barton (2001)

Sam loves his car. He takes good care of it. He drives carefully, gives it gas, and washes it. Sam tells us about his car. He shows us some of the parts of a car like the windshield wipers, the lights, and the body. When Sam drives his car to work, he parks it in the lot and then drives his bus.

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